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List of 『 Basic Question 』 FAQ

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  • What is the distribution of tokens?

    Total Token Supply: approx. 1.11 billion Token Sale: approx. 278 million (25%) Hold-back Reserve: approx. 278 million (25%) Incentivize participat... read more

    • No:32
    • published date:2019/01/18 19:50
  • What is Wowoo wallet?

    Wowoo wallet is an application for Android and iOS designed to conveniently yet securely store NEP-5 tokens, along with some of the major cryptocurrencies su... read more

    • No:16
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:39
    • update:2018/10/22 15:42
  • What is token sale detail?

    Total Token Supply: 1,111,111,111 (approx. 1.11 billion) Hard Cap on Token Sale: 277,777,778 WWB Soft Cap on Token Sale: 194,444,444 WWB (70.0% for t... read more

    • No:34
    • published date:2019/01/18 19:57
  • How do I manage WWB tokens?

    WWB can be managed with digital wallets such as Wowoo wallet and other cryptocurrency management applications. In general, you need to use wallets which are ... read more

    • No:14
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:03
    • update:2018/10/22 15:42
  • Is WWB transferable?

    It is transferable. Due to NEO blockchain system, it will consume GAS when transferring. Please check the link for more details. https://neotogas.com/ read more

    • No:9
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:00
    • update:2018/10/22 15:37
  • What is Wowoo Exchange?

    Wowoo Exchange is a project which aims to construct world’s top-class robust security system and contribute to maximizing the liquidity within the token econ... read more

    • No:11
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:02
    • update:2018/10/23 16:03
  • Are there any lock-up of tokens?

    There are no lock-up for retail investors. For founders and angels, they are able to sell to the market up to 20% of their holding WWB token after Token Sa... read more

    • No:33
    • published date:2019/01/18 19:51
  • What is WowBit (WWB)?

    WowBit (WWB) is the first token generated by the Wowoo eco-system as native token. You will be able to receive variety of services and benefits within Wowoo ... read more

    • No:6
    • published date:2018/10/04 13:54
    • update:2018/10/22 15:33
  • Where can WWB be used?

    You will be able to join a project and receive services which accept WWB within the Wowoo eco-system. read more

    • No:12
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:02
    • update:2019/01/18 13:58
  • What is Wowoo Platform?

    Wowoo Platform is a virtual service envisions to revitalize token economy. It contains certain tools which you can join a project and create tokens easily an... read more

    • No:8
    • published date:2018/10/04 14:00
    • update:2018/10/22 15:36

1 - 10 out of 14

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